Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Gift of Grandmas

Grandmas are one of God’s greatest gifts.

Grandmas gladly take a night out of their busy week to drive all the way across the metroplex to watch their grandchildren—for free.

Grandmas show up an hour early—just in case you and your husband want to sneak away a little earlier for your date.

Grandmas happily hand over the keys—so you can take her nice, clean car on your date while she drives the kids home in your dusty, crumb-filled minivan.

Grandmas take the grandkids to Chick-fil-A—and instead of driving through, they bravely go inside with all three kids and let them play.

Grandmas treat them to kids’ meals and ice cream—but refuse to take the $20 bill you provided and instead hide it in the kitchen where you don’t find it until after they leave.

Grandmas buckle up those three squirmy, sugar-filled grandkids and drive them home—at night, in D/FW rush-hour traffic.

Grandmas make a game out of bedtime and soon have all three kids in pajamas, teeth brushed, prayed over, and sound asleep—even after all that sugar and excitement.

Grandmas look around at what needs to be done—and then they fold the laundry, wash the dishes you left in the sink on your rush out the door, straighten the living room, and lay out the kids' clothes for the next day.

Grandmas tell you not to rush home—they have it under control, so feel free to take your time.

Grandmas are excited to see you when you get back, and instead of hurrying out the door, they ask all about how your date went—and they really want to know.

Grandmas tell you that your kids were wonderfully well behaved and not a problem at all—though you know that all the sugar and excitement of the night probably led to a squabble or two (or more...).

Grandmas smile when you give them the gift you brought home, a book from Grandma's favorite fiction series (because of course your date included the bookstore, right?)—and then they graciously demur, thanking you for the book but insisting that you read it first.

Grandmas give you a great big hug when they finally leave for the night—and say it was truly their pleasure and you really need to go out more often.

When God made grandmas, I'm pretty sure He smiled.

Because when it comes down to it, outside of God Himself, no one loves you and your kids like Grandma.

Thanks, Mom!

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