Tuesday, February 2, 2010

For All the Craft-Challenged Moms Out There...

Valentine’s Day Haiku

Teachers want “crafty”
I feel like a lousy mom
On Valentine’s Day

I let out a sigh in the car pickup lane
As the girls pile in and both eagerly exclaim:
“Guess what, Mom? Next Friday is Valentine’s Day!
We get to make boxes to put on display!”

And it’s not just my two school-age kids who need aid;
But my son’s Mom’s Day Out wants a box to be made.
My kids think it’s great; they’re all eager to start;
Convinced that their boxes will be great works of art.

There are moms who can scrapbook and make crafts with ease;
But I’m the first to admit I am not one of these.
For I am a writer; words are what I do.
I’m no good with glitter, ribbon, or hot glue.

When it comes to heart doilies and glue sticks and beads
I can’t make them work; art supplies make me freeze.
I dread the notes teachers send this time of year,
Quite sure they are asking the one thing I fear.

We craft-challenged moms are so misunderstood;
We can’t make a red-and-pink box that looks good.
Maybe I’ll write something—that’s what I’ll do!
I’ll send the kids off with a Valentine’s haiku:

Children, I love you
Sorry your boxes are lame
But you are the best!


  1. I love it! Very cute. I am one of those moms who would take crafting over writing... so you are special to me since you can do with ease what I would struggle for hours over. "He made us each special in our own special way!" - Veggie Tales.

  2. I think you should print copies of this poem and glue it to a shoe box. Hilarious!

  3. Jen you are soooo gifted! LOVE the post!