Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Our Normal, Crazy, Fun, Adventurous, Everyday Life

So... it dawned on me the other day that the only time I sit down to write a blog is when I'm feeling reflective AND when everything else on my daily list is done.

Which, obviously, isn't that often. :)

I mean, I often feel reflective. And I enjoy writing--it's cathartic and fun. But to be honest, blogging isn't super high on my to-do list right now.

It's not that I don't adore all of you lovely readers! I do!!!  It's just that, with rare exceptions, I'm a 24/7 single mom and sole provider. So when I do have quiet moments, I usually spend them in personal devotion or squeezing in some extra editing to provide for the kiddos.

Or, you know, sleeping.

I Heart Sleep.

Anyway... there's a LOT more going on in the Stair house than what you see on this blog!

Since I don't have time to write about it now, let me just show you a few snapshots of what life is like in our home these days.

Obviously, we do all the regular stuff like homework and chores and showers and bedtime routine. But I don't have pictures of that. Just imagine your family and all its regular everyday stuff. Yep, us too.

What else do the kids and I do these days?

We dance.

We play outside.
We feed the ducks at the pond by our house.
We go to the park.
We have picnics and fly kites with my sister and her family.
We go to school events.
We hang out with friends.
(Do girls ever grow out of the "dress-up" phase? Hee hee)
We celebrate half-birthdays.
 (Ack! J.J.'s next birthday will have DOUBLE DIGITS!)
We make dorky, themed holiday meals.
NOTE: what I lack in baking stills, I make up for in food coloring.
Valentine's Day breakfast...

[[NOT PICTURED: our green St. Patrick's Day dinner, and the "resurrection rolls" we made for a sleepover on Easter weekend. If you ever make that recipe (widely circulated on Facebook), please note: Jesus-as-marshmallow tends to escape from His crescent-roll grave, so make sure kids know the Bible pretty well or they'll be concerned...]]
April Fool's! Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and green beans are actually Cocoa Krispies treat, ice cream, and fruit roll-ups.
These are just some of the pictures I had on my phone. But I wanted you to see that we don't just sit around and pontificate and wax philosophical over here.
We watch too much TV. We tickle. We giggle at our ever-expanding repertoire of family inside jokes. We get cranky at each other. The kids fuss. (I take deep breaths and remind myself of the immortal words of the Dog Whisperer: "Calm, Assertive Leadership.")
We eat breakfast for dinner. And sometimes, dessert first. (Who made up the rules, anyway?)
We sing. If you drop by pretty much anytime, we'll have Toby Mac or Chris Rice on Pandora (any guess which is my favorite and which is the kids'?). I have a habit of singing to myself--more of a "joyful noise" I guess--and the kids have picked up on that.
Sometimes I'll pause my editing, listen closely, and realize all three kids are singing three different songs to themselves.
I Heart Earbuds.
I'm not a very good cook. I'm terrified of crafts--glitter gives me hives. And I had to ask Miss B to explain the newfangled way the elementary school teaches math.
But the one thing I'm good at? Finding creative ways to have fun.
We have a lot of FUN.
So, that's pretty much our life. Regular stuff. Chaotic stuff. Messy stuff. Fun stuff.
Family stuff.
Because that's what we are! We're just a regular family. Doing regular family things.
Loving God.
Loving each other.
Doing our best to make the most out of our days. :)
Okay, that's all, folks! See you the next time I'm caught up enough on editing to blog!!!


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